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Triwa: An Ethical Watch!

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Triwa is a fashion accessory company who make bracelets, sunglasses but mostly watches and watch straps. They focus on watches but aim to create them with a symbolic value to allow the wearer to create a modern statement, not to just add another fashion item. This is seen in two of their large collections ‘Time for Oceans’ and ‘Time for Peace’. Due to these great collection of watches their link to sustainability and the great message they are pushing I felt they deserved a short blog post. Here I will go into two of their ranges mentioned above and my own watch I purchased from them.

Triwa Company

As mentioned Triwa produce a number of fashion accessories but predominantly watches that help you make a statement. They aim to put stories to a stylish watch, which I believe they succeed in. On top of this they acknowledge that they are ‘not saving the world’ but are innovating a watch with materials, organisations and ambassadors that want to make the world better. They call this 'Time for Change’, which is obviously very fitting. Additionally, as with other sustainable companies I have seen they are also being transparency with us, which is always a great sign of a eco-friendly and ethical company. A key way they achieve this transparency is by calculating their products carbon footprint, so you and they can understand the impact it is having on the planet over time. As I have said before they make a wide range of accessories but below, I go into two of their key ranges that are sustainable.

Triwa Logo
Triwa Logo

‘Time for Oceans’ Range

Although I don’t own one, Triwa ‘Time for Oceans’ collection consist of some bright plastic watches on nylon straps that to me have a very much ’summer beach’ vibe. Therefore, if you want a splash of colour to your outfit then you could pick one of these up. What makes them sustainable is that they are completely made from recycled ocean plastic. They state through their partnership with Tide Ocean Material all plastic in the manufacturing is ethically collected from oceans and shore and then cleaned and recycled with the help of solar power. This has three meanings, one to help combat the issue of ocean plastic pollution, two to create a great product from recycled materials and to create a watch that has the statement to stop plastic pollution & to protect our oceans.

Triwa Time for Oceans 100% recycled ocean plastic watch
Triwa Time for Oceans

‘Time for Peace’ Range

I was lucky enough to get a watch from this collection, the Humanium 39 Recycled Green Super Slim Quartz. As I got this a while ago, I unfortunately did not get the automatic watch they now offer. Nevertheless it is a great watch, which has been running for some time that I wear as my daily beater watch.

Now, I would of gotten the automatic option, as this doesn't contribute to the waste of batteries as the quartz option does. However, as mentioned this was not an option at the time. You might ask how does the watch link into sustainability. Well quite simply through the key aspect of the watch, which is what it is made of. The 'Time for Peace' range is primarily made from Humanium metal, which is made from destructed firearms. This is obviously great, as it is getting rid of a destructive weapon, recycles (or in a way upcycles) and creates a very interesting statement piece with the aim to highlight the issue of gun related violent. As well as the case and face being from recycled resources the strap is made from recycled PET canvas.

Confiscated Illegal Firearms
Confiscated Illegal Firearms

On top of this, for every watch sold they give 15% to conflict torn societies and victims of armed violence and have donated over $100,000. What I love about all this is humans can be a little overlooked when looking at sustainability and eco-friendliness. However, ethics should be a huge part of this and should extend to people in sustainable products. I am not sure if it is the green strap or the bright dial but it is probably my most commented on watch. Then when I explain it has Humanium metal people are even more surprised and intrigued about the watch.

Triwa Time for Peace Watch with plants
Triwa Time for Peace Watch

My Thoughts!

Finding sustainable, eco-friendly brands is challenging but can be fun and reward. Especially, when you find a brand like this that incorporates great messages such as 'protecting our oceans’ and ‘ridding the world of illegal firearms’, use of recycled materials and their donations to further protect the planet and even their goal of having ambassadors that want to make the world better. It is clearly a brand you want to support. Watches are one of my passions and clearly so is sustainability, eco-friendliness and ethical living, so finding a great looking unique watch was a must buy. What do you think of the company Triwa and their watches? Also, are their other watches out there that are sustainable, if so let me know in the comments below.

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