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About me!


Hello and welcome to my blog! I have wanted to make an active change in my life to benefit the environment for a long time, so whilst doing this, I decided to start a blog about it. I hope to follow this new hobby and passion I have for nature, technology, wildlife, traveling, gardening, permaculture and helping the environment, which all sort of come under the branch 'sustainability'. Additionally, I have been fascinated with becoming healthier and new lifestyles that benefit me and the environment, so will be incorporating some blog posts about that. My goal for this blog is to challenge myself to be more sustainable and learn about new technologies and product that will help me achieve this, whilst hopefully encouraging, educating and helping you to do more too.

What to expect?

Through this blog, I hope to look at everything and anything sustainable from energy and fashion to food and wildlife. Some of what to expect from this blog is gardening, growing my own food, wildlife care, recycling, reducing my waste, Eco-friendly product reviews from fashion to technology and gardening tools. Although, I plan to do more than what most might I am trying to focus on implementing thing that don’t mean you have to change your life or move to the middle of the wilderness!


I don’t expect you to take on all the things I do or talk about in this blog but I do hope it makes you think and inspires you to start some of them to be sustainable and improve yourself and the environment. If you want to see my progression on growing & nurturing plants, making, using and testing sustainable technologies and more, make sure to stay tuned on this blog and my social media.

Support Me!

If you like what I do and want to support my journey and this blog there are a couple things you can do:

  1. To help me with this blog to obtain more equipment and with my direction please sponsor me an Patreon (Coming soon), where you can: 

    • Vote on what I do next.

    • Get email updates on new articles.

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    • Have a video chat on sustainability and my articles. 

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To simply create a better world for all those that live in it, whilst having some fun doing it. 

Foggy Forest

The Goal

Recent Posts!

Trees Planted: 687

Food Grown (Cal): 8,789


Animal Habitats: 3

Waste Collected: 7 bag

Member:  WWF, Ecologi, Ethic., Greenpeace, Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), Wildlife Trust, RSPB

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