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Top 10 Eco Bathroom Swaps

Eco swaps can be made everywhere in your house but I believe a huge impact can be made in the bathroom. Therefore I have collated this post to look at zero waste, eco-friendly items in the bathroom. Most bathrooms are full of products and packaging that is harmful to our planet and as these products often get daily use the impact quickly mounts up. This makes it a key place to focus on as part of your zero waste journey and doing more for the environment. The List of eco bathroom changes I have gone through not only aims to reduce your waste but also to reduce or stop the harmful chemical impact many toiletry items also unfortunately contribute to. Here are my top 10 first eco changes to make in your bathroom:

Luxury bathroom with rose.
Luxury Bathroom

Toothpaste tablets or Powders:

Toothpaste tubes are often made up of different plastics and can have a metal layer, which often makes them non-recyclable. Even though there are some that are recyclable they can be very hard to clean out, allowing them to be recycled. Additionally, as it is an item you use twice a day you quickly go through the tubes, mounting up your waste throughout the year. Therefore, it is a great place to start with your first eco swap. Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from, you can get toothpaste tablets, powders or even actual paste in a glass jar. These often come in easily recyclable and reusable containers reducing your waste. Also as they are often made with consideration for the environment they do not typically use harmful chemicals. There are also plenty to try from, so get trying them out and pick the one you like.

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Charcoal Dental Floss:

To go along with the item above, dental hygiene is incredibly important and I have always been told by my dentist that flossing should be part of your daily teeth clean. Unfortunately, most dental floss is very bad for the environment, as it is made of a nylon coated fibre, which unfortunately is not recyclable or compostable. Further to this, it often comes in a plastic container, again having a greater negative impact. Luckily there is a eco-friendly alternative that I use, which is a charcoal biodegradable dental floss. This, as it says, is biodegradable and often comes in a glass container, which means all you need is the refill and you can be guilt free.