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Should You Move to a 'Green' Job?

If you asked me if you “should move to a ‘green’ job?”, my answer would be an equivocal, yes and I am going to tell you why. A little background on me is I work in the construction field in the UK. I have recently transition from my previous workplace that focused on offices, residential and retail, primarily for private clients to a leader in my country for producing clean and what I would call green energy (currently on an offshore windfarms). I keep saying this and I am sure most people know this, but ‘Green’ is the future. For the sake of the planet, equality, our own lives and more. Therefore, we all need to transition to it and every job should be ‘green’ or at least ‘green’ conscious in some way. I strongly believe this and it is one of the reasons I will always say you should go for a new job that is eco-conscious and sustainable but here are some of the reasons on why I moved to a green job.

A lady working at a laptop with a bluetooth devicein sitting with a green backgrown.
Green Career

Firstly, what are ‘green’ jobs?

There is no true meaning to the term ‘green’ job, at least in the UK. However, the United Nations System of Environmental Economic Accounting define it as part of the “environmental Goods and Services Sector”, further detailing it as areas that produce goods and services for environmental protection purposes, as well as those engaged in conserving and maintaining natural resources. The International Labour Organisation also define ‘green’ jobs as reducing the consumption of energy and raw materials, limit greenhouse gas emissions, minimising waste and pollution, as well as protecting and restoring ecosystems and enabling communities to adapt to climate change.

I do not believe there is a single clear definition of what is a ‘green’ job is but I believe the International Labour Organisation define it fairly well. I essentially see it as any job that works towards a cleaner, greener and fairer world that supports and protect people, the environment and nature.

Numerous windturbines on top of a snow mountain.
Wind Turbines

Why Take on a ‘Green’ Job?

I have always been interested in sustainability and nature. Therefore, most of my hobbies and past time would be around it (much of it seen on this blog) but unfortunately not my job. Therefore, I was keen to transition to a eco-friendly career. I understand not everyone is as passionate about the environment as me or even if they are they might be nervous about taking on a new challenge in a new career in a new(ish) growing field. Well here are some of the key reasons you should take on this challenge and transition to a ‘green’ job:


You will feel better about your job and in turn yourself. We spend most our awake life in our jobs, so feeling happy about you career should be an important consideration when accepting or moving to a new career path. For me and I believe most will agree moving to a ‘green’ job will make you feel better about your life. There are several reasons for this; you are moving towards something that is meaningful, impactful and actually benefits people without destroying the planet for pure monetary gain. Any job that either benefits the planet or helps mitigate any negative impact will ease your conscience and even give you a moral purpose.

A working planting trees among a forest.
Planting Trees


Sustainability and the care for our environment is a fast growing and exciting industry. I have seen more and more sustainable and ‘green’ job, which clearly shows they are in demand. There is a great push for sustainable and 'green' jobs and therefore there are great number of opportunities meaning there are many lucrative jobs for the taking. Some of which are a whole new field that is new and exciting that you could be a pioneering. Also, as it is a growing field getting into a ‘green’ job now will most likely make you better equipped for the future.

A potential employee is smiling at a job interview. The employee has a green check shirt on.
Job Prospects

Company Ethics

Although I have not been at my current ‘green’ company too long but from my time there I believe a greener company have better ethics. To me it feels as if the company do not just care about the bottom line. 'Green' companies want to make a profit but doing it in a way that cares about the planet. To do this they look at sustainability in all aspects economically, socially and the environment, even to the buildings they are based in. This also comes down to you as an employee, who will often get better benefits, fairer opportunities, fairer pay and more activities that coincide with your ethics (Charity events, volunteer days, environmental events, sustainable events). They are also likely to offer or encourage further training in the sustainable field. Most 'green' companies are at the forefront of change. This includes the changes they make for the business and the benefits for the workers making this another reason to transition to a new job.

A high rise building with a green roof.
Green Roof

If you cannot guess, I think being 'green' is great and is also the future. I will also admit I am slightly bias in this field (I am writing a sustainable blog in fairness). I am passionate about nature, the environment and being sustainable, so I hope the future is ‘green’. Therefore, I am always going to advocate for ‘green’ jobs, as they are essential for the future. If you are to listen to the scientists about our impacts on global warming and wildlife decline, then we need to do something about this. Therefore, as a planet we need to transition to a greener, fairer and sustainable future. Essentially, this means all jobs should be ‘green’, so for me getting on the band wagon sooner than later will just help with this transition and put you at the forefront of a better world, where the sky is the limit.

An arial shot of earth with bright white clouds, green fields and reflection in a lake.
Planet Earth

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