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Eden Project: A Review (with Pictures)

Now, I am sure you know I love plants, nature, wildlife and I have always seen the amazing landmark of the domes of the Eden Project in pictures and wanted to visit them. Well on a family holiday or staycation due to the pandemic my family hired a cottage in Devon, only a stones throw away from The Eden Project from my current approximate 6+ hour journey. Well as this is a blog about nature and wildlife and the Eden Project is a place for this I thought I would detail a bit more about The Eden Project and my experience visiting the site in Cornwall.

If you want the very brief overview, I would say the Eden Project is a plant lover’s dream, that I would highly recommend a visit for anyone who want to reconnect with nature, see some amazing plants or just wants a pleasant day out.

Overview of the two biomes at the Eden Project
Eden Project Biomes

Who is Eden Project?

Eden Project is a visitor attraction in Cornwall, England within an ex-clay pit that was repurposed to give it life with the diverse plants and wildlife we see today. This idea became a reality and also created the charity it is today, which has the aim of exploring the interconnections between all living things. They also have several other goals include connection people with the natural world, celebrating plants and nature, working to regenerate damages landscapes, recognising the planetary emergency and need to protect the Earth.

The Eden Project has many goals that align with mine including; Implementing a creative and cultural place to provoke, captivate and inspire and undertake works on regenerative sustainability making thing better for the environment, society and economically.

Eden Project have also gone international and have site across the UK and in Australia, China, Cost Rica, New Zealand and USA. I was lucky to get a glimpse of some of the other sites from the pictures and 3D mock ups that were on show in the café between the biomes. The Eden Project has the motto of reconnecting people with nature with the additional goals to protect, preserve and encouraging it. So if you like the sound of this check out one of the ones that is closes to you and I am sure you wont be disappointed.

Eden Project Rainforest Biome Waterfall with numerous plants an bright green big leaves.
Eden Project Rainforest Biome Waterfall

Cornwall Eden Project

A famous landmark of the UK is the famous Eden Project located in Cornwall. Alongside the massive ex-quarry regeneration into a nature hotspot sits several structures, predominantly consisting of the two famous domes, the rainforest biome and Mediterranean biome. There is also several other elements including the Outdoor Gardens, Invisible Worlds Exhibition, numerous sculptures and more.

At first I was slightly concerned it was going to be like another luxury garden, which has many of its plants ripped out and replaced to create a pristine view. However, I can assure you this was not the case To me it appeared that the majority of the plants had been there for years to grow and develop, which was especially the case within the rainforest biome dome. To quickly summarise my experience at the Eden Project definitely rekindled my love for nature and is a must for anyone who want to get expired by earth. </