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Eden Project: A Review (with Pictures)

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Now, I am sure you know I love plants, nature, wildlife and I have always seen the amazing landmark of the domes of the Eden Project in pictures and wanted to visit them. Well on a family holiday or staycation due to the pandemic my family hired a cottage in Devon, only a stones throw away from The Eden Project from my current approximate 6+ hour journey. Well as this is a blog about nature and wildlife and the Eden Project is a place for this I thought I would detail a bit more about The Eden Project and my experience visiting the site in Cornwall. So here is my Eden Project review.

If you want the very brief overview, I would say the Eden Project is a plant lover’s dream, that I would highly recommend a visit for anyone who want to reconnect with nature, see some amazing plants or just wants a pleasant day out.

Overview of the two biomes at the Eden Project
Eden Project Biomes

Who is Eden Project?

Eden Project is a visitor attraction in Cornwall, England within an ex-clay pit that was repurposed to give it life with the diverse plants and wildlife we see today. This idea became a reality and also created the charity it is today, which has the aim of exploring the interconnections between all living things. They also have several other goals include connection people with the natural world, celebrating plants and nature, working to regenerate damages landscapes, recognising the planetary emergency and need to protect the Earth.

The Eden Project has many goals that align with mine including; Implementing a creative and cultural place to provoke, captivate and inspire and undertake works on regenerative sustainability making thing better for the environment, society and economically.

Eden Project have also gone international and have site across the UK and in Australia, China, Cost Rica, New Zealand and USA. I was lucky to get a glimpse of some of the other sites from the pictures and 3D mock ups that were on show in the café between the biomes. The Eden Project has the motto of reconnecting people with nature with the additional goals to protect, preserve and encouraging it. So if you like the sound of this check out one of the ones that is closes to you and I am sure you wont be disappointed.

Eden Project Rainforest Biome Waterfall with numerous plants an bright green big leaves.
Eden Project Rainforest Biome Waterfall

Cornwall Eden Project

A famous landmark of the UK is the famous Eden Project located in Cornwall. Alongside the massive ex-quarry regeneration into a nature hotspot sits several structures, predominantly consisting of the two famous domes, the rainforest biome and Mediterranean biome. There is also several other elements including the Outdoor Gardens, Invisible Worlds Exhibition, numerous sculptures and more.

At first I was slightly concerned it was going to be like another luxury garden, which has many of its plants ripped out and replaced to create a pristine view. However, I can assure you this was not the case To me it appeared that the majority of the plants had been there for years to grow and develop, which was especially the case within the rainforest biome dome. To quickly summarise my experience at the Eden Project definitely rekindled my love for nature and is a must for anyone who want to get expired by earth.

Beautiful Sculpture at the Eden Project
Beautiful Sculpture at the Eden Project

Outdoor Gardens

Before we even got through the front gate, walking down from the carpark, above the quarry, through the mounds among the paths the banks had been planted with numerous trees, bushes and flowers, alongside some beautifully painted beehives. It was great to see large hives flourishing, which I am sure also help the plants through the hard pollinating efforts of the bees. This helped clarifying that the Eden Project is not another manicured garden but a place for nature and wildlife to thrive.

Beautiful Painted Bee Hive at the Eden Project
Beautiful Painted Bee Hive at the Eden Project

Once we got inside and a quick tea break, we began the walk high up in the quarry with stunning views of the biomes, which I am incredibly eager to get into. The route started high up in the ex-quarry with these parts being filled with trees, bushes, flower, dry stone walls, moss and more. It was clear the Eden Project had given sections of this land back to nature, allowing the local wildlife to flourish. It even gave me ideas of what I could do in my garden, such as making a living gazebo, as seen below.

Growing Tent at the Eden Project
Growing Tent at the Eden Project

Along the way we experienced numerous sculptures connecting man-made life with nature creating beautiful art to further peoples enjoyment of their trip here. Down among the buildings a much more manicured section of the ex-quarry still highlighted some amazing plants and even a small agricultural section showing the numerous crops grown throughout the world. Nearer the biomes there is also additional features from garden arches covered in plants to a manmade water stream that were also home to further wildlife such as the frog we saw floating within it.

Honey Bee Collecting Pollen at the Eden Project
Honey Bee Collecting Pollen at the Eden Project

Rainforest Biomes

This was defiantly the highlight for me, it was full of the most exotic and beautiful plants, huge lushes green leaves, massive trees, waterfalls and wildlife that I feel would make most want to see the exotic lands these plants come from. Meandering through the biome weaving around the streams, small waterfalls, ponds (pools) there were millions of plants to see. I must have took about 500+ pictures of the plants, flowers, leaves only a fraction on here (more on my Instagram).

Bright Green Tropical Leaves
Bright Green Tropical Leaves

There was also quite a bit of wildlife to see. Throughout the trail was a few birds flying about but more interestingly the long ant trails lining up the trees. There were also some quirky looking birds with what I can only describe as having ‘wild’ hair lurking around the trees pecking at I assume the numerous insect in the undergrowth. The massive waterfall was also incredibly impressible and trickled down in streams, smaller waterfalls that swell into small bodies of water surrounded by more plants. The biome was also full of information about the impacts we are having on the planet, as well as crops grown in more tropical climates. Stunning and information.

Beautiful Green Plant at the Eden Project
Beautiful Green Plant at the Eden Project

Mediterranean Biome

Off into the Mediterranean Biome, which was nowhere near the size of the previous Rainforest Biomes but definitely captured the essence of the Mediterranean. From the carefully selected plants, cacti, deeply aged olive trees to the beautiful tiled floors, crisp white walls taking me back to my holiday across the seas. Throughout the biome they had install authentic tiled floors, gravelled surfaced to some of the planted areas, clay pots to further create the humid atmosphere.

Eden Project Mediterranean Biome Sculpture
Mediterranean Biome Sculpture

There was some incredibly bright coloured flowers throughout the biome, which contrasted beautifully with the pure white walls. It was nice to see the different type of plants you get in a completely different atmosphere. Inside the biome there was a huge sculpture art piece at the centre, which was incredibly stunning. It also housed an Mediterranean café to allow you enjoy the dome for longer.

Ancient Olive Tree in the Eden Project Mediterranean Biome
Ancient Olive Tree

Why write about it?

Well if you love houseplants or like to see nature that you are unlikely to see without travelling across the globe I wanted to provide a great recommendation to any UK residence or even those visiting. It is an incredible place that has rehabilitated a scar in the landscape to a nature haven for wildlife to thrive and for people to reconnect with. This blog is about sustainability and helping the planet heal and for wildlife flourish, whilst enjoying some incredible plants, which fits with what the Eden Project is all about. Personally, I couldn't recommend it more, go in the spring and summer to further enjoy all the gardens in bloom and I am sure you will not regret it.

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