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Veganuary: A Fast Food Review

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

It is Veganuary, where in January people devote a month to ‘ try vegan’ and to promote continuing this throughout the year. This is to inspire people to give it a shot and to make people aware of the vegan options available. What’s great about this? Well companies are also jumping on the fast movement of veganism and starting to provide great alternatives to their typical choices. Today, me and my partner decided to go around the fast food franchises and try all the recent vegan options available and rate them on what we though tasted best.

Vegan Menu Logo
Vegan Menu Logo

Why should you eat Vegan?

Essentially, it comes down to the two main aspects, which is the ethical reasons (thinking of the animals) and the environmental reason to further help to reduce our negative impact on the world. Veganism is proven to use less resources (food & water), land, and obviously prevents the numerous suffering of animals that often live in horrendous conditions that also add to the greenhouse gases. Even going vegan once a week can have a tremendous impact on the environment, so please do consider it. Anyway, here is our fast food experience in Veganuary 2020:

1. Greggs Vegan Steak Bake

Greggs have done it again. First, they knocked it out the park with the vegan sausage roll and we believe they have done it again. After trying the vegan steak bake, it quickly became our favourite on the list. At only £1.50, it is the cheapest too, so it is defiantly worth giving it a try.

Greggs Vegan Steak Bake in Veganuary.
Greggs Vegan Steak Bake

2. Pizza Hut Vegan Pepperphoni Pizza

The most expensive on the list but also the largest. We tried Pizza Huts vegan option with half vegan cheese and half standard mozzarella, as believe most people will ask for real cheese. Surprisingly we thought the vegan side actually tasted better than the side with real cheese but either way it tasted great. Another reason we liked this one is because we feel it is one that vegans and vegetarians really want but never get. This is for companies to simply replace the previous meat item with a plant based alternative that is already out there, in this case Pepperoni. Pizza Hut are often doing deals, so if you want a meal out, why not go to there.

Pizza Hut Vegan Peperphoni Pizza in Veganuary.
Pizza Hut Vegan Peperphoni Pizza

3. Subway Meatless Marinara

In our opinion this was a large improvement from Subway’s previous vegan option of a dried vegetable patty. This meatless meatball subway comes with their rich tomato sauce toasted with cheese with subways typical subway roll. As you would expect it smells great and taste great too.

Subway Meatless Marinara in Veganuary.
Subway Meatless Marinara

4. Costa Vegan Smoky Ham & Cheeze Toastie and Vegan All Day Breakfast Panini

Another option that cropped up in Veganuary was Costas Vegan options for either a ham & cheese toastie or an all-day breakfast panini. Well, we tried both and instantly thought both tasted great. Whether you want a quick bit with your coffee or a nice lunch we would quickly recommend either depending on what you feel like having.

Costa Vegan Smoky Ham & Cheeze Toastie and Vegan All Date Breakfast Panini in Veganuary.
Costa Vegan Smoky Ham & Cheeze Toastie and Vegan All Date Breakfast Panini

5. KFC Vegan Chicken Burger

We are always on the lookout for alternatives that replace chicken or burgers in the fast food restaurants and finally we have got what we have asked for. We thought that this was a great tasting chicken burger, however, a little dry, so does need some work. Also, another large issue was the mistakes the staff keep making. This is accidentally giving a real chicken fillet instead of the vegan alternative. This was something my partner experience and another person in the store, whilst we were there. It seems to happening regularly, as we have seen reports of it happening in many locations according to many news sites. This obviously defeats the purpose of providing a vegan option and is a disastrous mistake to make.

KFC Vegan Chicken Burger in Veganuary
KFC Vegan Chicken Burger

6. McDonald’s Vegan Dippers

I am not sure how the fast food giant absolutely missed the ball with this one. Now, in fairness the dippers do taste nice. However, many people want something that taste or represents the fast foods signature meal, so we feel like this didn’t fully promote veganism. Never the less it is still nice to get another option at the fast food franchise.

McDonald Veggie Dippers in Veganuary.
McDonald Vegan Dippers

These are the vegan options we tried this month and listed in order of our favourite. However, whatever you liked the best it does not matter we are just ecstatic to see more vegan options available. The fact is we are getting more and more options to meet the fast growing vegan movement, which is desperately needed. Even for vegetarians such as myself and my partner it is hard to find a different quick meal other than a typical vegetable patty, so we are ecstatic to have that choice. Finally and most importantly, by choosing a vegan option you are doing better for the environment, as well as being assured no animals were harmed in the making of some delicious food, so why not give it a go?

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