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My Experience Growing Sunflowers!

Updated: Feb 6

I am sure as kids most of you would have grown sunflowers, usually amongst your friends or siblings to see who gets the biggest or tallest one in a fun, friendly and environmental competition. Sunflowers are easy to grow plants that can easily dwarf most people by growing on average 6 to 10 feet. Here I will go into facts about sunflower, how to grow them, why you should grow them and my experience with growing them. So whether you want an interesting and unique plant to grow, an environment friendly hobby or just a healthy competition, then please read on.

Close-up of a bright yellow sunflower with a bumble bee harvesting pollen.
Close-Up of Sunflower with Bumble Bee

What is a Sunflower?

Sunflowers botanical name is Helianthus, which has nearly 70 species within it, the most common of which is called Helianthus Annuus that is grown for edible oil and seeds. However, for the back garden as you are probably growing them for their enormous size you might want to pick up sunflowers with the names ‘American Giant’ or ‘Skyscraper’. Getting your hands on sunflower seed is easy and you can obtain some at most garden centre and many other stores also sell them in the spring. As I mentioned above there is a variety of different types, so get one that you like the look of.

Four large sunflowers planted in the ground.
Four Large Sunflowers

Reason to grow sunflowers:

There are many reason why you should grow sunflowers but if you need a little inspiration, here are the most common reasons:

Bright yellow sunflower and green leaves
Sunflower Side view
  • Bees – Sunflowers are a hot spot of nectar and pollen, both crucial in helping the bees.

  • Ease of growing – They are incredibly easy to get them to sprout and grow making you feel like a successful gardener.

  • Looks – I think everyone agrees that sunflowers look magnificent & spectacular.

  • Seeds – Sunflower seeds are a healthy tasty snack, very nutritious and many of your local animals and wildlife will eat them too.

  • Environmental – Alongside all other plants, sunflower help to reduce the carbon dioxide we omit.

  • Competition – It can be an incredibly fun competition!

How to grow sunflowers?