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Tips for Small or No Garden!

Updated: Feb 6

Okay so you want to get started in your garden or always state that ‘your garden is too small to do anything in’. Well, whether you want to become a green fingered know it all, miniature farmer, help the bees or just love the beauty of a garden and want to enhance this as much as possible the size of your garden should not stop you. I understand that you can run into a problem if your garden is not the larges size but this should not stop you from making the most of it. Additionally, if you have no garden at all you can still do a lot to grow some wondrous plants. Today's, technologies and methods able you to fully utilise your property to meet all your growing needs. Examples of amazing use of small space can be highlighted in the famous Chelsea Flower Show, which although it may still be bigger than your backyard shows you some amazing things you can achieve in a confined space. I am writing this not just from a research perspective but as I have recently moved into my own property the garden is a bit limited on space. So if you are in a similar position such as those on new housing development with ever shrinking gardens or you only have a small balcony on your flat or you have no garden at all; here is my advice and tips you can use to get the most out of your limited area:

Wall Mounted Plant pots
Mounted Plant pots

Vertical space:

This is defiantly the best option and easy to do. Although the area of your garden may not be the greatest but you still have the space upwards. You can add a lot of space to your garden by utilising vertical space throughout your garden. You can implement some of the following methods:

Birdseye View of Small Garden
Birdseye View of Small Garden
  • Stacking system – You can now get pots that can stack on top of each other and then grow all around them. Stack them to a height that suits you and put in a number of plants you want.

  • Rack system – This is similar to the stacking system but is racked, meaning it is often not on top of each other and takes up a little bit more space. However, can be great use of space and allows you access to your plants without bending down.

  • Trellis – A trellis is a framework that can be used for climbing plants to attache to. Add one to provide some green up your walls or fences.

  • Wall mounted – There are many systems that can be implemented onto the wall or fence and then have a number of pots or troughs added to them to grow in.

  • Hanging pots – Much like the wall mounted system, wall hooks can be put on the wall and stunning pot full of flowers can hang on them.

  • High plants – There are a large number of plants that naturally grow upwards, so get a few of those to add more colour to your garden.