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Stop Buying Pets!

Updated: Feb 6

Hear me out, I understand everyone wants a pet. Whether this is a cute cuddly cat, ‘man’s best friend’ the dog or even the other amazing creatures such as lizards, snakes and fish but the simple fact you are taking care of these animals does not mean that you are helping their species or existence, as a whole. Many animals have genetic problems that affect them throughout their life. Additionally, many animals are bred in horrendous and dangerous condition that can lead to their death. Further to this, there is an extremely high number of homeless animals that are looking for a home. Having said all this if you are getting a pet I would like to think this is because you have a great love for animal and want to introduce one into your home and to join your family. I decided to write this post to raise awareness of what you are contributing too when you go and buy a brand new pet from a breeder and why you should seek to obtain a rescue pet first. Here is what you should look into before purchasing any pet.

Cat & dog laying in the grass.
Cat & Dog Playing in the Grass

Ask where it is from:

You would be surprise to know that when you are buying pets you may be contributing to the capture of wild animals. I am sure I do not need to tell you why this is wrong, as I would like to think you agree that wild animals should remain, wild. Now, this can affect all types of pets but is mainly a problem with marine life, reptiles and the more exotic species. So find out where the animal comes from and ask can you see its mother and father, is it captive bred, do you know the family tree and other similar questions. Further to this, a growing horrible trend is stolen pets and then reselling them. Essentially, if you think something is wrong don’t buy the pet and report them to the appropriate authorities to stop them potentially stealing or harming more animals. Additionally, look at the impact on other humans, especially in Less Economically Developed Country (LEDC). Many animals such as exotic fish that are captured in the wild put these peoples lives at risk for small amounts of money and by purchasing them you are contributing to this.

Stunning Tropical Fish Tank
Stunning Tropical Fish Tank

Are you being lied to:

Always be careful of what the breeder tells you, as they often have the goal to make money and will lie to get it. This can be considering everything the breeder has told you about the age, breed, parents, history and importantly its insurances. Additionally, look at state of the animal and even advice on its care, which can all be wrong. Think about what the breeder is saying and assess it for yourself. Your instinct is often correct and you should research to find out what is correct to ensure the best life for the animal.

American Money.

Can you get your chosen pet from a better place:

Lastly, in regards to getting your pet ask yourself if you can get it from a better place. I understand that you may have you heart set on a particular pet. However, before you rush and buy this pet search for the best place to get it from. Often, this should be choosing to get a rescue pet, as there are plenty that need a home.

Dog looking guilty on bed.