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Sustainable Every Day Carry (EDC)

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

I have always been fascinated with peoples' every day carry, even the question of what do you need to carry on you every day to perform your daily tasks is incredibly intriguing. Well for me these items need to meet the requirements of my job, working in a London office with the goal to be sustainable. In this post I look at my key items I carry most days with my focus to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. Here is my Every Day Carry (EDC):

MATRIX Power Watch:

Matrix Power Watch on wrist with box in the background.
Matrix Power Watch

This is a smartwatch that is ‘powered by you’. I love technology but unfortunately it is often not very eco-friendly. However, Matrix came out with a smartwatch that tells the time, send you notifications and records your running activity. The reason this is sustainable is because it never needs to be charged, stopping the waste of typical smartwatches energy usage. It achieves this by using the temperature difference between your skin and the watches case to create an electrical charge and keep the watch powered. I like the rugged design of the watch and its basic functions but in my opinion it does need some work to meet the performance and abilities of other smartwatches. I am hoping this will be achieved in the Powerwatch 2 they plan on releasing in June 2019. Although, this watch does have it's problems, it is the only sustainable smartwatch on the market that I know of. I have also done a full review on this!

Axel Weinbrecht Inkless Metal Pen:

Axel Weinbrecht Inkless Metal Pen
Axel Weinbrecht Inkless Metal Pen

Pens and pencils are not very eco-friendly. The plastic, ink, paint, rubber, wood and other materials all gets wasted, as soon as the ink runs out or the pencil is too short to use, so I began to look for an alternative. This led me to the Axel Weinbrecht Inkless Pen. It is made from metal and states it will never run out, meaning you never create any waste. The pen does feel a little different to use but I have been using it for a number of month now and it hasn’t run out or look any different (shorter) from when I brought it, despite a few scratches. It has a simplistic design and is around the same size as a typical pen. One thing to note, is that it writes fairly faintly, potentially making it hard to read if you struggle with this. Additionally, it writes more like a pencil as it can be rubbed out but it does leave an indent where you have used it. Having said this. taking notes is a critical part of my job and this inkless pen is a great sustainable tool that stops the constant waste from pens and pencils. I also make sure to use recycled paper and a sustainable notebook to further reduce my environmental impact.

Moral Origins Cork wallet:

Moral Origin Cork Wallet
Moral Origin Cork Wallet

This wallet was a game changer for me. I have owned an embarrassing amount of wallets but have always found it difficult to find one that hold all of my cards (10), a few notes and a bit of change, whilst also being compact. I also wanted it to be sustainable and ethical. Well after much searching I came across the Moral Origins Cork Wallet. That for me completely meets my requirements including the ethical and sustainable aspects. The only downside to this wallet is that it does not carry a ton of notes. However, I been able to fit five notes behind my cards and If you have less cards you should be able to fit more in. Although, I should note that it is the 21st century and notes are not as commonly used as they were. One small issue with the wallet is that the brass screw would rub on the card potentially wearing them out ( I don't think this is a problem with their new wallet), so I stuck a paper card at the front to stop this from happening. The wallet uses cork, which is a great sustainable product that is durable, strong and vegan. You can buy the new wallet by Moral Origins either made for £15 or you can get it where you have to self-assemble it for £12.50. I went for the self-assembly (it was incredibly easy to assemble) that came with a single piece of cork and two pairs of brass screws that form it unique shape. I should note that I have the older version and Moral Origins wallet and they have come out with a newer one, which I assume is improved. As for mine I have been using this for about 6 months now and it still looks and works great. I have also done a full review of this!


The last item on the list is my keys of course. I aim to not clutter these and consists of my house keys, shed key, bike lock keys and that is it. I try to keep my keys as simple and uncluttered as possible with no keychain.

This is just my EDC that I have adapted to be sustainable but still allows me to carry everything I need on a daily basis. However, yours might be different and I would love to see more sustainable options that may change mine, so share your EDC with me through the comments below and my social media (in the right hand corner). Finally, if you like this article and want me to do a what in my eco-bag article let me know and I will get to work on it.

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