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Human Powered Smartwatch: Matrix PowerWatch Review

Updated: Feb 5

Matrix PowerWatch on wrist with box in the background.
Matrix PowerWatch and Box

When I saw the Matrix PowerWatch I was initially intrigued by this futuristic device on the crowd-funded website ‘Indiegogo’. I quickly decided to back the product and luckily, this was a contribution that actually paid off, as I received the watch. The MATRIX PowerWatch as they phrase is the “Smartwatch Powered by You”. This is because it never needs to be charged, which makes it sustainable. There are three options of the watch that is available, these is the standard version, Black Ops Special edition and the version I got the ‘X’. The PowerWatch X is the biggest of the watches and meant to be a tougher version with the bonus of being 200m deep water resistant. The main reason I went for the X model was because it is bigger it stated it generates more power, giving some additional features such as synced notifications.

Here is what you get in the box:

Firstly, the box seems well made and has an overall professional look, which actually looks like a product you would pick off the shelf in your high-street, so that is a good start. When you open the box you are greeted with the watch in all its glory with the following contents:

  • The Watch – Obviously!

  • Thermal Recharger – To charge it from a wall socket, as opposed to your wrist.

  • Microfibre – To clean the watch face

  • User Manual – To get you started!

  • Warranty

  • Guide for the Thermal Recharger

Matrix PowerWatch Box